Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leather Accents and DIY shorts.

I have been so lazy lately. I don't know what it is about this weather, but I've definitely had the opposite reaction to sunny weather than I would have anticipated. You'd think I'd be frolicking around on my beautiful new cruiser bike, picking flowers, having tea parties, wearing denim...but no! I've been slaving away feeding the old folks, going to school, and watching WAY too many episodes of Pretty Little Liars, and Girls. Don't judge. Anyways, I'm back...for now. And I've been perusing my favourite blogs, and visited one of my favourite DIY blogs - A Beautiful Mess. I was, admittedly searching the internet for some wedding DIY's that my cousin Jaymie might enjoy - I'm still working on the dress! Pictures to come (for all eyes but Lito's!) GETTING TO THE POINT - I came across these cool instructions to jazz up your wardrobe! I've always wanted to add leather to some outfits, but had trouble with my sewing machine when I was attempting to create a leather bag out of a used leather jacket. It seems to be MUCH easier though, when sewing leather, to only sew ONE layer of the thick material...Maybe make some leather pockets? Leather fringe?...we'll see...
here, they've attached the leather pockets to a cute pencil skirt...maybe an idea for the fall? One of their most RECENT posts however, had DIY shorts. These are REALLY cool, and if you have a pair of old shorts you don't necessarily wear anymore, you could make them into something really cool and original...
THESE were my fave...^
But THESE remind me of James :) Check out this sweet blog for more DIY projects! www.abeautifulmess.com PS Sewing day tomorrow! Tackle: 1) WEDDING DRESS 2) MEGAN'S DRESS 3) A pattern for a dress I can wear to the wedding...The designer has to wear her own stuff don'tcha know.

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