Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creative Stumbling

Recently, I went on the website 'stumbleupon' (, a website that generates webpages based on a select list of 'interests' the user chooses. I heard about this particular site from my good friend Gurjit, in my program at Kwantlen. It's a great time waster - let's just say that. You'll end up spending more time on this website than you do on your facebook page. BUT you will feel like you accomplished something after, because you've now acquired a lengthy list of crafts or 'to do's'. Anyways, I came across a site (the 36th avenue). On this site, are numerous DIY gifts and crafts that caught my interest. Here are my favourites from this particular list... 1)Paper Clip Earrings!
2) Bird Nest Necklaces
3)Tea Cup Lights!
These are all crafts you can do with a lot of ingredients you'll find lying around your house! (or you can visit your nearest Michaels store!). I love coming across blogs like these, as they inspire you to make cool things for yourself that are much more satisfying to own than a cheap piece of nothing from Forever 21 or H&M....don't get me wrong though - my closet is full of those cheap pieces of nothing... Check out the site!

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