Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ashleigh Toby and her Goatthings

You know when you graduate high school, and you can't wait for your class 10 year reunion? Not because you absolutely loved and miss those 4 years, but because you want to see who's who now, and what paths each of your friends are taking. Well, not that I've been graduated from high school for very long, but I'm so happy to say that catching up with Ashleigh Toby, a fellow high school peer of mine was definitely an impressing experience.
Ashleigh is the designer behind the up and coming, locally made jewellery line - Goatthings. Being the same age as myself, Ashleigh has found a passion and a success in creating beautiful accessories for her self proclaimed company. Though her company is considered to be in its beginning stages of growth, Ashleigh has already been able to sell her work to local boutiques in Victoria, and is even expanding into the Vancouver fashion scene.
For as long as I've known Ashleigh, she has always been an innovator of style and has an incredibly keen eye for design. Mix that with her unbelievable motivation and passion, and Ashleigh seems to have already found the key to her success. Funny enough, Ashleigh was in the same Sewing class as myself in Grade 12. We encountered many mishaps together (mostly on my part), opening our eyes to the world of fashion careers and design. Ashleigh successfully created her own grad dress as a project for the class, and of course looked absolutely gorgeous on that memorable day in June.
The designer herself (below, right)

Recently, Ashleigh hosted her first jewellery party for Goatthings, which I attended and bought myself a handlet. I was able to ask her a few questions about her journey in the jewellery business...

O: How did you become interested in making jewellery?

A: 'I became interested in making jewellery on more of a casual note, it started with a necklace for a friend, then a few more for friends, then a hobby turned into my small little company.'

O: Do you think you could continue doing this and make it a career?

A: 'With Goatthings I have yet to make any major goals. Ideally I'd love for it to become something that grows into a full productive and successful company, but for now I'm taking it order by order and letting it grow itself. It's a great process!'

O: Was there anyone that especially encouraged/supported you to create this business?

A: 'I've had a huge amount of support behind me. There have been a handful of major people with great advice I've listened to and will keep on listening to.'

O: Where has your business expanded?

A: 'From the one piece I made for a girlfriends birthday last year, it has grown into a jewellery line being carried in two shops in Victoria, and one in Vancouver, all growing my sales and recognition of the Goatthings name. There has been talk with a couple more stores in Victoria, but nothing to confirm yet!'

O: Where do you get your materials from?

A: 'I've gotten my materials from all over. Many things from Victoria and local shops, and most things from online shops and Etsy.'

O: Do you have any favourite jewellery designers?

A: 'Jewellery designers I definitely get inspired by are Fiona Morrison from Wolf Circus Jewellery who has mentored me in so many ways, and Nicole Ritchie with her House Of Harlow line... though I don't know her I wish I did!'

O: What do you see yourself doing with 'Goatthings'?

A: 'With Goatthings I'm going to take it day by day and see where it goes. Keepin' it easy!'

Ashleigh and Goatthings are definitely a combo to keep your eye out for, as well as support. You can find her stuff at:

HtO Surf-Skate-Swim Shop
1314 Broad Street
Victoria, B.C.


Amelia Lee Boutique
610 Johnson Street
Victoria, B.C.

Ashleigh has her own website where you can order, catch up, support and join this creative, beautiful and one of a kind line. Obviously she has Facebook so, check that out too.

Pictures were taken by the gorgeous Julia Loglisci for Julia Loglisci Freelance Photography.

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  1. Ashleigh is not only a stellar designer but also very astute at marketing her product. Every detail is impeccable from her business cards, her website to her custom made wine. Goatthings accessories are beautiful, edgy and different and is definitely an up and coming brand that many will be familiar with in the near future.

    Adriana from