Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Summer of Projects

Today, I came to realize - at work, that I am generally the type of person to get myself into sticky situations. I love to create things - as you can see, but I might not think before I commit to things, because I'm so excited about creativity! I'm not saying that there are any projects for this summer that I feel like I CAN'T do, but I definitely do feel as though I might be a bit quick to say yes. This summer, I wasn't planning on taking on too many projects - thought I'd be spending my days working at the retirement home, going to school here and there and generally just relaxing. If you're in the Kwantlen Fashion program, you would agree that the school year has enough creating and designing, and the summer might NOT be dedicated to sewing projects. HOWEVER. I can't stop. Just like my denim addiction - I'm addicted to projects. At Thanksgiving last year, I went to my grandparents house on Thetis Island with the family (I'm pretty sure there's a post on here that fully describes that experience), and my cousin Jaymie was talking about the possibility of her wedding being this summer! I got so excited about it, dress ideas, and all the creativity that can come with an event like this. That weekend, her twin sister called and had found a wedding dress at a second hand store that she thought jaymie would love, sent pictures and bought it after Jaymie ok'd it. After seeing the pictures, we both agreed that it was the kind of dress that would look BEAUTIFUL if it had a few nips and tucks, and alterations here and there. We spent the next day or so drawing sketches, making collages and creating ideas for this summer dream event. After the weekend ended, I went back to Vancouver and her to Nanaimo, and the wedding plans were put to the back of my mind. Now, after the official engagement of Jaymie and Lito, the wedding dress has gloriously been brought to my attention again, and I'm about to embark on one of the biggest sewing adventures I will have done to date! I'm so excited that my cousin has entrusted me with this memorable dress, and this weekend we are going to be consulting, creating and altering. Can't wait to see what we come up with? Well...I'll have to consult the beautiful bride, but I'm sure a few pictures can be snuck in here and there ;) It IS going to be an event to remember however... Maybe some Hayward Sibling karaoke to kick off the night? Give us enough Caesar's and you just might be lucky...
(I'm in a creative DREAMLAND)

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