Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, I've come to the conclusion, after purchasing my most recent denim from the Canadian Superstore, that I might possibly be obsessed with denim this summer. Granted, we all love our jeans, our jean shirts, and of COURSE or jean jackets, but I doubt many of you have denim shirts that feature the Warner brother's characters. Sure, disney is sweet, but the best thing that has come out of my mother's closet (aside from my hidden christmas presents) has got to be this denim shirt I found with these beloved cartoon characters on the pocket. Sure, I might sound like a loser, but I'm not kidding when I say that I'm slightly obsessed with the denim look right now. I made a denim shirt for my portfolio review for Kwantlen, and at the time, hated it. Now? I LOVE IT. I've managed to steal denim shirts from both my mother AND my father. Though the one I've attained from pop's closet isn't outfitted with cartoon characters, it has character. It was a shirt he got at Centra Gas when he worked there. Now all I need is a BC Ferries shirt and I'll be SET! A sad story to add to my denim collection - I lost my beloved jean jacket at a Nightclub in Victoria...I know. What was I doing wearing a denim jacket to a club? Well, I'm trying to teach those night owls that they don't HAVE to just wear lycra skirts and bustier tops. GET A LITTLE COUNTRY UP IN HERE. But anyways, whomever is enjoying my denim - it probably looks really good on you. But better on me. Maybe I'll make a denim dress? ... pictures to come.

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