Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And She's Back...

Hello again! I'm not too sure how many people actually read this blog, but I have to say, if you've been following me, it looks (on here) as though I've had a very uninteresting few months. If you read my last blog entry, you'll know that, I Olive LOVE Kwantlen Polytechnics fashion program. I've finished my first year in the degree program, and will be entering my second year come september. Reading back, over the blog postings about a year ago, I was so unsure whether I wanted to go into fashion at all, and I've gotta say - I'm so happy I did it. Always follow your dreams, and if that dream is also fashion or sewing, then go to Kwantlen! Now, enough with the school pep talk. What have I been doing this year? Well, as of recently, I've moved back to my hometown for the summer, and am currently enjoying the life of a recreational sewer, fashion entrepreneur and general tea party enthusiast. I've decided to start writing in this blog again as a means of keeping in touch with the fashion world, and keeping in touch with my creative side. So, here we go...this is going to be a summer filled with posts about anything and everything that interests me. From tea parties, to castles, to magical movies, to wonderful nature walks, to friends, to fashion and of course my sewing endeavours. I will be documenting whatever I think is interesting. Here's interesting tip #1...if you're dating a really cute guy (or even not so cute...or maybe your not dating...let's just say if you know a guy.), then you should tell them to purchase a bow tie. Girls love guys in bow-ties. And I make them! I'll post some pictures soon once I've gotten a few made. I created some for my dad (father's day gift) and will be handing one out to each member of my family --- they look sweet on girls too! Anyways, tata for now. Olive.

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