Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Heart KPU Fashion

It's been just over a month into my 4 year degree program at Kwantlen University and I'm loving it. Finally being able to surround myself in fashion without even trying is proving to be fantastic. It's also fantastic living on my own! Learning so much in such little time! For one of our first class projects, we had to explore Vancouver's fashion scene and attend some local events. I ended up attending the Art Institute's 'Cool vs. Cruel' fashion show and that was very exciting. Being able to attend these events with some of the most influential people I've met, was a priviledge. Fashion students are some of the most interesting people. Hearing the different stories and paths that have led each of them to this particular program has been one of my favourite parts of University. I've learnt from some of the second year students that it surprises you, how much you learn in such little time. Being able to analyze and criticize different garments and designs is something I love doing. Walking into stores and being able to discover the target and niche markets exhibited is unbelievable. Although it has been the most stressful time in my life, I wouldn't change it.

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