Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Back

Welcome back Spring. Welcome back to that awakening feeling after the long sleep we call winter.
Welcome back to me, Olivia, as I haven't posted anything new for about 3 months.

Falling out of a routine can definitely become a habit, especially if it's something you're uncertain about. As the coming summer vacation begins to rear it's head with the finality of another school year, some people begin to relax while others (me) begin to stress. The end of summer this year will mark a beginning and an end for myself. Beginning a life in Vancouver and a journey through design school has been what I've wanted for SO long. But as I look at these new beginnings, I also begin to see the underlying 'endings'.
The end of having spending money - or money in general.
The end of buying clothes (but I'll be making more!)
The end of spontaneous walks along Dallas Road
The end of working at a retirement home (I feel like I MIGHT miss that)

Though my dreams rides solely on my acceptance to the school only after a portfolio review, I'm beginning to realize - I might miss Victoria.

The past few weeks have been a wake up call to myself - I needed to get moving on sewing, sketching and designing otherwise I'll never finish my portfolio.

Spring has brought revival to my creative mind and has allowed me to create new peices and articulate new designs in which I will present at the end of April - My Portfolio Review.

I'll keep sewing, you keep reading...

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