Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hungry for a 'Starving Stylist'

January is a month for resolutions, weight loss and regret towards all those christmas goodies you shouldn't have eaten. January also means a whole new year for ridiculous fashion trends, new classics as well as upcoming and anticipating fashion shows! All things worth looking forward to, one of my new favourite things of 2011 (though it isn't entirely new) so far has been peeping my online fashion advisors - the bloggers!
Although I am definitely guilty of a failed upkeep of my particular 'online diary', throughout the past month - between christmas shopping, working at the new COACH store in Victoria and having a fantastic New Years - I've been taking the occasional peruse through one particular blog - The Starving Stylist, written by fashionista Peter Ty. With his hometown of Vancouver, Peter's fashion blog has emerged as not only a hub of fashion news and information but also a joy to read - just like VOGUE magazine (in which he was recently featured!).
As many fashion blogs are written by beautiful females, I was eager to read what Peter had to say when I came across the reference to his blog in an edition of Canada's Vogue. Turns out his blog is my most favourite of the lot, and is at the top of my MacBooks' bookmark list!
With a mix of beautiful photography exhibiting Peter's way cool sense of style, knowledge of upcoming stylists and a shared obsession of my own favourite designers, Peter also has some 'substance' to his entries. One of the more recent entries of The Starving Stylist includes a very tell-tale photo shoot portraying typical teenage bullying within high schools across the nation. Regarding the issue not only through the graphic photography by Law & Order featured in W Magazine, Peter addresses the issue through personal experience as well as acknowledging a cry for help from a fan herself who had sought advise from Peter.

The Starving Stylist. Check it out -->

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