Thursday, December 9, 2010

'F as in Frank' has caught my interest like V as in Vintage will

Browsing through the various Fashion Blogs I tend to follow, I came across an interesting post by my favourite - DemiCouture Fashion Blog. Sharing an intriguing list of Vancouver based treasure troves for fashionista's, excerpting a small blurb about each shop, the store that primarily caught my eye goes by the name of 'F as in Frank'.
As two of my fashion loving friends live along Main Street in Vancouver, you could say I'm semi-familiar with the area. When I began reading the stores blog, what mainly caught my interest was not only the spectacular clothing available, but the fact that this particular vintage nook is located off main, near east broadway.
The store is said to be tailored to keep ahead of the prominent street trends, allowing shoppers to push the boundaries of 'acceptable fashion' which allows us to wear what we really want! Vintage peices available in the store range from the 1900's - 1990's, including:
- Vintage Rock Tee's
- Flannel Shirts
- Dresses
- Leather jackets
- Military Jackets
- Boots/Shoes
- Handbags
- Jewellry
- Basketball Jerseys
- High end Collectibles

Frank recognizes the importance of green fashion in our economy, creating consistent fundraising events for environmental charities. Fill-a-Bag sales are also a common occurance in the alley beside the store, where hundreds of peices are donated to the homeless of Vancouver.

The stock pouring into Franks doors come from the customers themselves. Peices are looked over, prices are set and payments come in store credit or cash. The only clothing that is accepted must be older than 1995 - Modern or damaged clothing is not accepted.

The history of 'F as in Frank' starts with the upbringing of store owners and siblings - Jesse & Drew Heifetz. Growing up in Ontario, the two were immersed in a vintage clothing environment from a very young age under the influence of their father; one known in the vintage world for his sale of clothing at Woodstock.
Gathering a knowledge and passion for the dated clothing, the two set out on the journey to 'F as in Frank' by collecting high-end collectibles, wholesaling to various stores and finally opening the store as it is today.

The first of the 'Franks' was born in none other than Whistler B.C. When the pair found themselves growing out of the store as well as the limited industry in Whistler, they expanded to Vancouver where the store is found today. Expanding their horizons, a store was also opened in Toronto as well.

'F as in Frank' carries 100,000 + garments in the store itself, as well as renting to smaller and larger businesses. Sorting 100,000 lbs of clothing per day, staff will come across many items; resulting in rare and unique finds. These particular items of clothing take the trip to California's Rose Bowl market throughout the months September, October, November, February, March, April, May & June.
Items such as Vintage Denim, Rare Work, Biker Fashions, 60's/70's hippe, 40's - 80's tees, sweats, WW2 Militia goods, Unique Hunting Fashions are catered to Japan and Europe wholesalers as well as large clothing company design hubs for further fashion inspiration.

'Franks' showroom is open to buyers in Vancouver, where visits are vastly encouraged as most of the stores stock is held there.

'F as in Frank also has a behind the scenes claim to fame - they're consistent suppliers to BerBerjin (and other Japanese retailers), as well as Abercrombie & Fitch, Wrangler, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters and Supreme. Vintage items are then taken in and examined, remodelled to the modern trends, and sold to said stores.

Exhibits for 'F as in Frank' are also held at INSPIRATION LA; an annual gathering of vintage dealers, reproduction companies, collectors as well as buyers.

So, if you're going to Vancouver and you don't feel like spending all of your hard earned money along robson, check out Main street and 'F as in Frank' - you might find something you LOVE.

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