Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Be Fashion is to Create

Recently, after observing various outfits the female population wear out on the town, one of the largely popular choices was the corset top, or the bustier. Some lines are beginning to create casual corsets that can be paired with jeans or a high waisted skirt - the most known line being from Aritzia. As I find Aritzia to be somewhat on the expensive side, after of course buying a shirt for myself, I decided to try and make my own shirt, and it came to be quite easy!
As I recently found some cheap striped fabric at a secondhand store, I decided to work with that rather than an old shirt of my own. Trying to create shirts without a pattern can prove itself to be difficult, but if you keep the obvious and general proportions of the body matched to your design, it can be as simple as drawing and cutting.
To make sure I got exactly what I was looking for in my corset shirt, I cut out the shape of shirt I wanted in my fabric, then took a bra I rarely wear anymore but still fit, and began to cover it with the two halves of fabric I had cut out. Once I had everything pinned the way I wanted, out came the sewing machine where I sewed the fabric in place to the bra. As I wanted the shirt to resemble a corset shirt, I made sure to sew the whole outline of the bra onto the fabric with double threaded seams. With the back of the shirt, I cut a small 'V' in the back where the clasps of the bra come together, so as to be able to get in and out of the shirt. To cover the straps of the shirt, I used the excess fabric and created a widening strap, smaller at the bottom, wider in the middle and then small again at the back join of the bra. At the bottom of the shirt, hem the fabric with a simple straight stitch or use a Serge for more durability. You can also add embellishments such as zippers, buttons or lace along the sweetheart neckline of the shirt to make it your own!

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