Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leather Jackets to Leather Purses

A while back I remember reading an article in the Times Colonist exposing a young designer of her beautiful works in the leather industry. As a hobby became an income for this designer, creating leather purses from used leather jackets was the passion of this particular individual.
I thought the article to be inspiring for those of us that love 'recycle designing' and I pinned it to my wall - where it sits this very minute.
Recently, I inherited a friends old leather jackets that she hadn't worn for years and had a loss as to what to do with them. So instead of handing them over to good-will, she decided to see if I would like them - to wear or recreate. Though some of the styles were slightly outdated (I'm sure they'll be popular next year) and I admitted to VERY limited space in my closet for such items, my thoughts wandered back to the article pinned to my wall.

Though I haven't had experience working with leather, I've made a jump start at my own pattern-less creation of an ideal purse in my mind. Though many bags these days seem to be growing in size, I've come across a desperate need for a smaller size in purse - one to which I can wear at the bar that I don't have to coat check. You could call it an evening bag if you wanted, but I'm going to call it my 'Bar Bag' as that's what I'll be using it for (I'm running out of pocket change for you, coat check girls!). My mother calls me a 'Bar Star', but hey a nineteen year old girl loves to go out!

Anyways, here's some photos of my progress; starting off with the jacket in the shape it was when I started, to now, halfway through I'm ready to sew it together with all of the necessary pins in place!

The finished project will be coming soon (hopefully!)


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