Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Passing by the Vintage

Recently, on my break at work, I came across a very interesting and somewhat saddening article in the Times Colonist newspaper. A mere few days before that day, there had been a Vintage Clothing fashion show and fair at Fairfield United Church. As excited as I was to see that Victoria had hosted such an intriguing event, I was disappointed that I had missed out on the festivities in particular.
As part of a fundraiser for the Minerva Foundation, the Second Annual Fall Vintage Fair was a fashion show and lecture of styles throughout the years 1900 - 1999 and the important role these clothes have played in the growth of females alike.
Ivan Sayers, a Vancouver based Fashion Historian was the Master of Ceremonies for the event, sharing with the audience the view that over the past 100 years, the liberation of western women can be told throughout the stylish clothing they wore.
Sayers continued to share his extensive collection of beautifully kept vintage clothing, explaining the history behind items such as the corset and other classic fashion assets.

If you are interested in Vintage Clothing, or would just like to go to a non-profit fundraising event to empower women, another event is taking place on October 6th at The Conservatory of Music on Pandora Ave. Tickets are on sale for $35 and the show starts at 5pm!

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