Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Olive Version of British Trends

As I was brushing up on my fashion trends today, I came across British Vogues acclaimed 'Fashion Trends of the Season' on the magazines webpage.
Recognizing many of the trends from various places - U.S. October version of Vogue, my own blog as well as my own closet, I decided to recreate some of the presented trends through my own eyes; with a little help from my closet. (Which is apparently well prepared for this particular 'trendy' season!)

1. LACE.
Ok, so this isn't TECHNICALLY on the Brit's radar for this season but I have had many encounters with lace throughout the past month, making it to the top of my 'trends of the season'. The lace in this picture, belongs to one of my favourite dresses - a sheath, v-backed number I picked up on my travels through Hamburg Germany. The first time I wore this dress was to my german brother's graduation in Germany this summer, and recently plucked it from closet and dawned it at my friend Chelsea's birthday in Vancouver this past weekend. As well as receiving a number of compliments on the dress, lace has sprouted up all around me ever since.

Some of you may not know what brocade is, so here it is - used usually with gold accents, a heavy fabric interwoven with a rich raised design.
BRITISH VOGUE: 'Look no further than guilded brocade for some serious opulence.'
The fabric in this picture comes from a simple, elastic waisted, zipper back fitted skirt I recently made from the lower portion of an expired trench-coat style evening coat.

Just like in the times of Cinderella, gloves have reached new lengths this season.
BRITISH VOGUE: 'Go elbow-length and wear any colour at all.'
Can you spot the gloves? These gloves came to me in my stocking last year. When your mom works in the accessories department of The Bay, you get the privilege of an endless supply of trendy essentials.

Step into the soles of Carey Grant and Fred Astaire this season.
BRITISH VOGUE: 'This season it's all about mannish brogues and loafers.'
These shoes I picked up for 10 Euros in a little boutique, nestled deep in the streets of Paris. Once described to me as looking like 'Amish wedding shoes', these are, nonetheless, one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.

I have a mild obsession with buttons.
BRITISH VOGUE: 'Buttons are back in fashion's limelight.'
These buttons I found in a stall at a sunday street market in the heart of Paris. With a sea of canisters holding individual types and styles of buttons, I was in heaven. Finding the perfect garment to embellish with these prize tokens of mine has been a hard feat.


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