Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fashion Journalism

Going into a second year of life without school, I'm beginning to get a little stir-crazy. As of recently, my career goal has been to attend Kwantlen Polytechnic University within the confines of the Bachelors Degree of Design, Fashion and Technology. The course still holds some interest for me, but after researching different areas of Fashion and Design, I've uncovered other career paths that seem to have caught my interest. Looking into The Pacific Academy of Design in Victoria, I came across a course offered on a part-time basis, focusing on Fashion Journalism. Within the course, students explore different writing formats as well as various media outlets. Part of the program is to visit Victoria's 'Design District', including Art Galleries as well as Victoria's own Fashion Boutique Scene. Written analysis' are formed of field observations. Students also learn to cater to a wide audience such as presenting writing demonstrations to local newspapers/magazines. At the end of the year, students demonstrate a knowledge of what they have learned thus far in the course and exhibit a comprehensive written component supporting a window design for their own presentations.
I've also looked into the Full- Time Graphic Design program offered at The Pacific Academy of Design, and it has definitely caught my intrigue. Although the program is a TAD expensive for the 2 years offered, when it comes down to it exploring different areas of design is really the only way I'll be able to narrow it down. Although I love fashion, and love designing clothing it has occurred to me that sewing and clothing design are something I enjoy doing as a hobby, and not as much a career path.

Anyways, If you've read this - thanks for listening to my career story!


  1. You're welcome...

  2. Are you sure? If it's your dream you should follow it.