Thursday, October 7, 2010

C'est La Vie dans Vancouver!

My most recent trip to Vancouver was a short but sweet one. Due to the 9 am ferry being broken, my scheduled arrival to my Grandmother's 80th birthday lunch was drastically changed, leaving me only enough time to make the Hayward family rounds, send my grandmother birthday greetings, polish off some cake and be out the door again. On my way from the ferry to the birthday, I dropped off my friend Hilary to her humble basement apartment that I love - just off main street in Vancouver. Driving through her neighbourhood, once back on main street, I had a chance to look around at all of the stores the happening area had to offer.
One store that caught my eye (as it's exterior is a shade of bright pink), was one called 'C'est La Vie'. Spying the little sign that explained the store as a 'Consignment Boutique' I promised myself that I would look into such an intriguing store as soon as I got a chance. So here I am - I've looked into this particular boutique and it makes me want to visit my friends chelsea and hilary even more!
Taking a peek into the gallery that 'C'est La Vie' offers on there website, you'll be able to get a feel for the store - a good feel that is. With what looks to be a store packed with items of high potential, you can spy some cute dresses, frocks, sweaters, boots and a couple racks of what look to be some amazing shoe selections!
The stores decor seems to give off a vintage feel to the customer- something I love about visiting consignment stores. The atmosphere in a second hand clothing store is always important as you're buying clothes that have been previously used, so I find that if the clothes tell a story the store should too.

I'm adding this to my list of go-to stores as soon as I get a chance to catch a NOT BROKEN ferry over to bustling Vancouver! Anybody wanna come with?

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  1. Yeah you should visit Chelsea and Hilary more. GOD.