Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vancouver Diary: Shop Cocoon ft. Elroy

Browsing the internet, Vancouver based magazines, as well as local newspapers for local fashion designers has become an undying obsession of mine. Learning of all the up and coming fashionista's trying to make there way in our flourishing fashion industry here on the west coast has opened my eyes to the vast world of boutiques hidden throughout downtown Vancouver. As I'm definitely not a local to the Vancouver scene, it's hard to induce a somewhat successful shopping trip when I have the time or money to ferry it over. Seemingly becoming a different story for myself, researching these oh-so-talented designers Vancouver has been hiding from me, will possibly create a rapid change in my failing shopping extravaganzas. This is more than definitely going to be a problem for my wallet.
I recently came across a very intriguing website for a store based in Vancouver called 'Shop Cocoon'. At first, thinking it to be another cute little boutique I should add to my shopping directory, I took a gander at the homepage for the boutique and clicked on the 'talent' portion of the website.
To my delight, I found that Shop Cocoon is not just another boutique, but alas - a boutique that supports local designers, struggling to make a mark on Vancouver's fashion industry! The little store supports the likes of undiscovered designers, helping to create a buzz in the community, creating a stepping stone to stardom.

Looking through the list of 'Talents', I found a designer label - 'Elroy' that caught my interest. A label that is entirely eco-friendly, Elroy is a line that uses 'sustainable, socially responsible fabrics'. Not only has this designer accomplished catching attention from the fashion industry through the beautiful designs they produce, they have also courageously created a vision throughout their clothing, for a greener future. With statements such as, ' The impact of materials on our lives cannot be understated. Deciding to use eco-friendly materials has a far reaching, positive effect on us and the future generations. The more that we are made aware of the damaging effects we as a society are putting on the earth, the more we are looking to ways we can lessen our footprint. ' , who wouldn't want to support such a modern take on fashion, one in which we hope most if not all designer labels will procreate.

So, the next time your in Vancouver, make sure to check out Shop Cocoon! Not only will you be supporting the likes of struggling designers like myself (ok...maybe I'm not exactly a 'designer' yet...and maybe I'm not even heard enough to consider myself 'struggling'), and you could be supporting a much more important cause than correcting your fashion faux pas, such as SAVING THE PLANET!

check out Elroy -

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