Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Smoking Milkman

Taking a trip into downtown Victoria has always been one of my favourite parts of living in this town. Although the trips from my past were always taken in my parents beloved Westfalia camper - no, we never did set up camp downtown, the journeys now have been without the camper and the parents now for a while. My favourite place to go as a kid was a toss up between Undersea Gardens or The Museum. A regular stocking stuffer my parents loved to give us were memberships to either of these golden landmarks, and we absolutely loved them for it. Although a membership to the museum is hard to come by in my stockings these days, I'm still glad of the family excursions to our hotspots. Other favourites of the Hayward's include The Empress Hotel (our grandparents stayed there once! BIG DEAL OK!), The Causeway - especially when there's either a Tall Ships Festival or maybe The Bills are playing?, Helmcken House - only at christmas time, and only with J.A.M and who could forget China Town? My favourite places in Victoria haven't changed, but my list has definitely been altered since I discovered my interest in fashion. Now, when I decide to venture into Downtown, I don't pack a lunch or strap myself into Bessy the Westy, but I do prepare myself (or my wallet) for some intriguing new fashion finds!
Take yesterday for example; taking a trip to Capitol Iron was always saved for Halloween costume shopping or when my parents would need a new teapot. Yesterday however, this was not the case. As I've been on the hunt for gum boots lately, my hunt always seems to consist of seeking out the Hunter boots and hoping that maybe the price has gone down 100 bucks - never the case. So, my friend Victoria insisted we go to Capitol Iron for these coveted, yet cheaper gum boots. Although they might not have that 'Hunter' label to wear proudly at the front of these boots, Capitol Iron's version is definitely up to my par for gum boots. Although, I didn't make a purchase out of these fabulous boots, it's a good knowledge to keep in mind for future spending sprees.
As we had some more serious issues to cover in the shopping department, we made our way over to The Bay centre and were able to accomplish what was needed. Though, on our walk back to the car, we passed through a neighbourhood I don't tend to walk through unless I'm visiting - China Town. Passing through the outskirts of china town, right near the Captiol Iron, we came across a store I'd never seen before called 'The Milkman's Daughter'. We weren't able to go in and take a look because it was past closing time, but I vowed that I'd look into it as soon as I got home. Searching on the internet for this unusual sounding store, I kept coming across the webpage for the boutique The Smoking Lily. Finally realizing that this must have a connection to the mysterious store, I read into the articles that were popping up as matches and came across The Milkman's Daughter. Not only is The Milkman's Daughter a very local store, it is also connected to the boutique The Smoking Lily, opened by a group of women who hand make their goods and have sold them all across Canada. The Milkman's Daughter has just recently opened, and although I haven't come across much background information about this little boutique, I definitely plan to check it out! Keep your eyes open for the continuation of The Milkman's Daughter, you never know, it may just become my new favourite store!

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  1. Your readers may also be interested to learn that your Uncle M and Aunt J have stayed in the very stately Empress Hotel too, not once but twice! We recommend it highly -- and if you can get the Government Rate for your room (as we did: J was on Official Business at the time) it isn't all that expensive either...

    Also: the Block boutique you mention in a previous posting is only 2 blocks from my office! So definitely I'll be expecting you to drop by for lunch with me on whatever day you decide to ferry over to the Couve to check out the Block...