Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh, the Sidney Treasures

[Caitlin in a second hand store in Hamburg]

Finding a new consignment is like finding the last chocolate of your favourite box when you thought you’d eaten them all – for me at least. Recently, as I was sitting in a restaurant with my two friends Jaimie Beveridge and Victoria Marek, eating our lunch, Victoria mentioned that she’d love to find some beautiful tan boots and had remembered that I had suggested hunting through a second-hand store. Then, out of nowhere, Jaimie brings up that the best secondhand stores she’d been to, are located in Sidney – catching the attention of both myself and Victoria. So it was decided, we’d take the drive out to the small retirement city to search through the wreckage and find our treasures.
Once we arrived in the city, it brought me back to all the times my parents had brought me there for the Thursday street markets, and reminded me of how much I loved all the little boutique stores along the main stretch of the town. Reminiscing about the time when my aunt, cousin, myself and my mom had taken a trip out there in the summer to shop, and we had found a cute little store tucked away off the main drag. It had turned out to be a vintage/second hand store with an array of beautiful and colourful items.
After we’d parked the car, Jaimie, Victoria and myself began our search at Vinnie’s Vintage Clothing. A small shop with some hidden rooms, this shop is located on a side street just off the main drag in Sidney. After searching through the various array of Halloween costumes, lamps, and old postcards, we found the sweaters where Jaimie picked out an inviting ‘Grandpa’ cardigan for $4. Victoria then found her sweet spot with a Joe Fresh pullover v -neck for $4 as well as an equestrian style waist belt for $1.25. I however decided to bypass the all to inviting sweater section, and came across the section of used or unwanted patterns! Finding a pattern for an oversized shirt (I’ve decided to make a plaid button-up rather than giving in and buying the overpriced one I’m currently in love with at Aritzia), as well as a pattern for a draped blazer made for sweatshirt material. Happy with my finds, and the fact that I would only be spending $0.50 on both together, I then spotted a section for unwanted fabric! So I grabbed a pretty patterned one that Jaimie had spotted, and promised to make her one of my ‘famous’ no pattern shirts.
Moving on from Vinnie’s Vintage, we made our way over to Jaimie’s other favourite store, the Beacon Community Consignment store. This store is more of a Salvation Army style of store, and has a larger collection of gadgets and unwanted items such as a PLETHERA of books, certain cd’s such as soul decision and jewel, as well as a $5 sewing machine. I managed to find two coats for $8 buried in the strange array – an old mans blazer that I’m in love with, as well as a blue trench coat!
We then made our way over to the Beacon Bookstore, where you can find very old books aswell as new used books at a very reasonable price. Victoria found a friend at the store – the resident cat, while Jaimie and myself found some good reads; mine ‘A Certain Smile’ by Francoise Sagan, published in 1956, and Jaimie, ‘An Old Sweetheart of Mine’, a poetry book.

So, to add to my previous post about consignment stores, if you have the time – definitely check out the selection out in Sidney! I’ll be there trying to find that cool store that I found with my aunt, cousin and mom.

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