Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lanvin Lovin.

As much as we love you Giorgio, Marc, Christian and who could forget you John? The world seems to be lovin Lanvin a little bit more these days. This well- known, coveted, traditional french design house is under the spotlight this month as Creative Director Alber Elbaz has agreed to run a collection of Lanvinesque clothes for our beloved teen-sweetspot departmental chain - H&M. Following in the footsteps of other beloved designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen and Jimmy Chu, Alber Elbaz has designed a line to be reckoned with - this time on a slightly bigger scale than those previous to him. Lanvins collection is said to be slightly larger than those pieces designed by karl and the gang, pertaining to Lanvins famous luxurious french modern look - bringing the cut and tailoring of the famous design house as well as focus on form and details for both men and women. The release date for the line is set to November 2nd where men and women of both the fashion industry and the global industry will be able to take a sneak peek at the new line. The line will be available in stores on the targeted date of November 23rd. Although the feeling of individualism in your wardrobe will no longer be achieved with these reasonably priced pieces, even those who collect Lanvin and have the money for the designers alike won't be able to resist these beauties.

Lanvin was founded in the 1920's by Jeanne- Marie Lanvin and became one of the most influential fashion houses of all time bringing many different trends into the spotlight then, and which of most are returning to the spotlight today. Her skillful use of intricate trimmings, virtuoso embellishments and her beaded work in clear, light and floral peices became a trademark for the brand.
Floral being one of the hit fashion trends for this past season says a lot about the brand and how highly anticipating this move is - joining this highly influential and applauded designer label with this generations mass-market depot of style.

“H&M approached us to collaborate, and see if we could translate the dream we created at Lanvin to a wider audience, not just a dress for less. I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection, but what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public. This has been an exceptional exercise, where two companies at opposite poles can work together because we share the same philosophy of bringing joy and beauty to men and women around the world.” Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Lanvin.

Although an H&M isn't exactly local for us Victorians, I expect in the the coming November weeks a fair few of us will be making the trip to our local Vancouver stores for these coveted clothes. See you in line!

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