Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Gumming Obsession

Now that the rainy weather has officially set in over the West Coast, it's safe to say that we can probably unpack our raincoats and umbrella's and if you are fashionably advanced, you'll be unpacking your pair of Gum Boots to go with! Gum Boots are rapidly appearing back into the fashion scene this season - something your mom's will probably like, over your favourite flats you tend to wear when it's raining. A favourite choice of footwear for English Farmers and those alike, Gum Boots are one of the most practical trends of this season, and the choice of colour and style for your Wellies is becoming a wider and wider variety. One of the most famous brands of Gum Boots is Hunter. Although they can be a bit pricey, they are the number one choice right now for designer boots and have been known for amazing quality for the past century.
Another option for cute boots would be at Sorel! As my uncle works at this reviving company, word on the street is that a new line of designer Gum Boots will soon be hitting the fashion industry and is expected to be in direct competition with Hunter! Prices will generally be on par as both companies are known for quality, although Sorel will be enlarging the continual and traditional style and shape that Hunter has stuck with. Boots will have buttons, zippers, and ties - suited to all wants and desires in a Gum Boot. Sorel's first version of the Wellington Boot is called the 'Sorrelington' and is now available in stores and at their online store - featured in patterns such as textile, plaid, stripes and circular designs. Other options from Sorel include tie up 'Women's Tivoli' with is featured also in a plaid pattern.

Prices for Sorel's boots seem to be a noticeable amount cheaper than Hunter Boots, as they are now listed at $100.00 - $130.00. Prices may change as the company's stock increases while we get closer and closer to winter.
Sorel is known for making boots and shoes that are very well form-fitted to the average foot. They believe that footwear is very important in the lives of the average human being and that they're mission is to satisfy your needs in footwear so that you can become more spontaneous and enjoy your day outside and in nature. They wish that everyone become 'Effortlessly outdoors, no matter what the elements.'
The company has been around since 1962 and have been improving their footwear selections throughout, and due to experience know exactly what the average person desires in a durable outdoors shoe.

Although many of us Gum Boot searchers will likely not be climbing a mountain in our wellingtons that we've paired with a cute dress and tights - alas it's good to know that when you're wearing them you'll at least be comfortable! I don't know about you, but a change from unbearable to effortless seems pretty good to me - especially when it comes to shoes!

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