Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Hollister to Oxford with Love

Recently, while waiting for a couple hours at the Vancouver General Hospital, I read an article in a magazine that was intriguing to me – the trends of fall 2010 and what to expect. As I’ve read many different takes on what to expect out of our autumn essentials, I decided to read the insight that this magazine was offering – ELLE. In several sections of this magazine, it was shown that ‘oxford’ is becoming a growing style for this season, showcasing a preppy and dorky style for the fashion fearless. Preppy style has definitely changed over the years, from poodle skirts in the 1950’s to Hollister, Abercrombie and American Eagle exhibited by the students of Claremont High school throughout the past 4 years. In regards to the misassumption that a ‘Preppy’ style is categorized under these teen brands, the new approach to a conversion of this fashion avenue is deeply refreshing. No longer will I be able to walk the halls of that school and observe those enrolled and commend the fair few that have stepped away from the uniformed ‘preppy’ way of life (that would be weird), but I hope to see in future maybe a different, open mindedness to a better, more commendable clique of style.

As excited as I was to see the oxford style being brought into the preppy category, here are some of the fashionable items you can expect replacing those of an outdated preppy style:
Nike Shocks → replaced by Oxford Mens tie-ups.
American Eagle/Hollister/Name brand t-shirts → button up short sleeved patterned shirts
Baggy Jean Shorts/Khaki shorts → jean cut offs
Sweatshirts → Cardigans.
Now, taking into account these guidelines are directed toward the male gender, the same basic directions are being brought to the female fashion mind. If you’re a female and your still relying on that Lululemon sweater and your favourite Hollister jeans, there’s still nothing wrong with that choice but I’m just encouraging you to step out of your boundary’s of your k-Swiss runners and maybe step into some vintage style oxford flats and pair it with some skinny jeans rather than your timeless bell bottoms. Sweaters are another favourite of mine – whether they be on a guy (V- neck or cardigan are GOLDEN) or fashioned on a certain female, sweaters can be a good, good friend to you.

Preppy doesn’t always have to be under the Highschool guidelines, so whether you still be in high school or you’ve long since stepped back into that place; take this falls preppy look to another level and express yourself through colourful cardi’s and cute button up’s rather than colourful Hollister hoodies. ☺

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