Saturday, September 11, 2010

Button Up

I love weird jewellery. I love pendent necklaces, costume earrings and vintage feel peices. When I was in France, we stopped in Paris for a little rendezvous and came across a sunday market down town where there were stalls and stalls of endless jewellery selections - all locally made! As much as I wish we did, our little town of Victoria BC unfortunately doesn't have this luxury as the fashion capital of the world does. Although, we do have a satisfactory amount of locations where you can find locally made, unique peices of jewellry it seems that as a result of becoming high demand in the jewellery industry, the prices on these little peices can be outrageous.
One of my favourite stores to find unique jewellery is definitely Victoria's own 'Violette Veldour'. Located on Government street in downtown Victoria, this store offers a wide variety of locally made peices ranging from pendant necklaces to charm earrings with everything from slogans such as 'Earth First' to tiny scissors and sewing machines. One of my favourite necklaces I own came from this little boutique - a tea kettle charm necklace, as well as a locket and cameo dual necklace.
Another great place to find individualistic jewellery is boutiques such as Paradise Boutique, and you can sometimes find something good at Flavour or even Decade. The only problem with the more well- known stores is that they tend to be expensive, as well as produced on a slightly larger scale, leaving out the 'unique' part of unique jewellery.

A good solution to BOTH of these problems, I find are to make your own peices of jewellry! It's super easy to do, and in fear of sounding cheesy - It's FUN too! All you have to do is find a cute, unique charm or button or anything really that you want to turn into a necklace, find or buy a chain to put it on and then go to Michael's for a small silver ring you can attach it to - there you go! The best part about making your own jewellery (and clothes) is that it's all your own, and even if your not creatively apt, it's still super easy to express yourself better than you would be able to by wearing that generic Aritzia shirt that everyone seems to be expressing themselves with.

A good place to find unique charms, is either at antique stores, consignment stores, The Patch, The Bead store or even a Button store! You can add feathers too, or dangly chains - anything you want!

Might as well break out of that box that H&M, Forever 21 and Aritzia are trying to keep us in :)

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