Monday, September 20, 2010

Boutiquing Experience

The Store. ^

As I was taking a wander around town a couple months ago with some friends, we were strolling along Wharf street in downtown Victoria and came across a store we'd never seen before. It's rare for me to stray away from the main fashion lanes of Johnson, Yates and Douglas, but it was the unique sign outside of this particular store that caught my eye. As this was the couple days in the summer when the majority of all Naval fleets were visiting our harbour, and walking around downtown Victoria in their cute little uniforms, it was rare that something like a store would catch my eye. So, my interest now flaming I stepped inside the little Boutique - Charlie & Lee and found a great new edition to the Victoria Boutique Fashion scene. With peices comparable to that of Aritzia, Rebel Rebel and Bliss, all fashions from the store come straight out of Australia, France, England, LA and New Zealand; this new boutique is a must- see if you're making your way downtown for a fashion hunt. Prices are a little bit steep, but are on-par with the quality of the garment you're buying.
Owners Kleah Graham and Josh Michnik made their move to the west coast first when they were pursuing their long-time dream of owning a Boutique in the sunshine state - California, more specifically L.A. After a number of months setting up shop in the busy state, the overwhelming demands of the fashion industry in such a high energy city became too much for both Kleah and Josh, who then decided to downscale their dreams to a much more suited city of their desires - beautiful Victoria B.C. As Los Angeles is a large fashion destination for most looking to the chain-stores and larger scale designer brands, the idyllic atmosphere and demand for boutique fashion in Victoria became the perfect destination for Charlie & Lee.

Having been open since May, Charlie & Lee is a fairly new store to the downtown scene so not many people know about it. It always pays to explore your city and not keep to your comfort zones, so the next time you're out on another shopping spree, make sure to check out Charlie & Lee Boutique and see what you might find!

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