Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blouse & Flow.


A recent creation to the Olive Couture Line has been produced!
This fall, and the past couple months of the summer, you may have noticed the 80's fashion essentials have been making their way back into our wardrobes in a subtle way.
The new asset to Olive Couture is one of the recently refurbished special 80's must haves - to be entered into my portfolio for fashion school. Girls alike have been sporting the 'mullet' shirt as I like to call it...
Their short in the front ( business) and longer in the back (party), being paired with skirts and pants alike.

Pictures soon to be posted of the newest piece, whose inspiration came out of a couple of late night phone conversations, an ambition for getting accepted into a dream school, and some extra fabric that a special friend left behind in the midst of her move to Vancouver.

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