Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer Blonde

I LOVE SUMMER. I love absolutely everything about it.
I love how every summer I go up to my grandma's house on the ocean, lie in the sun, and when I come back I look like I've gotten back from Mexico.

I love Thetis Lake in the summertime.
I love waking up in the morning and it's already 20 degrees out.
I love that the perfect temperature is always by the ocean.
I love wearing no makeup.
I love the smell of sunscreen.
I love lying on the shore at willows beach and letting the ocean just wash over you.
I love bathingsuits.
I love beach football.
I love slushies.
I love party islands.
I love swimming costumes.

BUT ESPECIALLY - I love going back to blonde for the summer!! Although, it can sometimes be a bit pricey, it's always worth it.


Summer style is coming into full swing now so take a trip to the salon, like myself, and get your summer do on!
It's always in style :)

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