Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Onesies for Old Times Sake


An old found trend - the onepiece romper outfit, has come back into style yet again for this summer!
Recently, as explaining to my mother about this trends return to fashion, she explained that she still had her gym outfit from highschool, which happened to be a romper!

Pulling it from the depths of the basement, she produced an old onepeice costume with elasticized legs, aswell as arms with the engravement 'Diana' on the top, right side.

Although, the Onesies we're seeing for this day and age are a little bit different then my mothers, we're definitly seeing a lot of them!

Whether they're patterned, printed, loose or tight, onesies are a stylish, easy way to pick an outfit that will not only keep you cool in the summer heat, but look good too!

As I'm in the process right now of adding a Onesie to the Olive Couture Line, be sure to check this blog for my next photoshoot!

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