Monday, April 19, 2010

STOP THIS MADNESS: Animal rights are rights for a REASON.

'If your not an activist, your an inactivist.' - Richard O'barry, Dolphin Activist & Dolphin Trainer - ft. in The Cove.

Recently I watched the movie 'The Cove', a documentary on the annual and ongoing slaughter of innocent dolphins happening in Taiji Japan.

The movie portrays the work of activist Richard O'barry who is also well known for his career in Dolphin Training - specifically the training of 'Flipper' or 'Cathy' as the dolphin was known.

Richard O'barry became an activist after the suicidal death of his beloved 'Cathy', when the knowledge of the cause of her suicide was straight from the depression involved when animals are held in captivity.

Ric has been known to take action when it comes to Dolphin rights, such as on the very first Earth Day; founding the original 'Dolphin Project' with the primary goal of releasing dolphins from captivity.

The graphic movie, 'The Cove' features the actions taken by Richard o'barry aswell as a crew of a few others including Vancouver's own freedivers - Mandy & Kirk Krack. The movie has a feel of 'Ocean's Eleven' in the sense that the best of the best come together and hatch a plan to relieve the continuos inhumane slaughter of Dolphins in a secret cove in Taiji.

The movie also portrays the side of the Japanese government that is very good at acting oblivious to the actions towards whaling and the industry of slaughtering innocent mammals for a minimal profit.

Many citizens in Japan, have absolutely no idea that any of this is going on. This being surprising because more than 23,000 dolphins are murdered each year in Taiji's Cove.

Dolphin and Whale meat is also not a very popular choice with the Japanese, making the sense towards this murderous act to be even MORE minimal. As the industry does not make a worthy profit towards the Japanese economy, it only exhibits the stubborn misunderstanding that the Japanese Government and Whaling Industry withold. It seems to me that the only reason they will not give up this Industry is because they claim it's tradition.
The only question is - if the majority of the Japanese population are not aware, and none the less horrified at the prospect of it, than how can it be a tradition?

To make it even worse, dolphin meat in particular is HEAVILY laced with mercury - the earths most poisonous, non- radioactive element. Those born from a fetus that has been tested positive in mercury levels are born with many physical inabilities such as sight, hearing, walking etc.
Mercury poisoning has been said to take away all ability and reason of being human.



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  1. Omg I watched the cove yesterday .. Soo sad and soo wrong :(