Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Show: By Kwantlen Fashion Design & Marketing Graduates

You don't learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.
- Shalom Harlow

Although Karl Lagerfeld didn't attend this particular Runway Show didn't mean The Show, put on by the 4th year Graduates of the Kwantlen Fashion Design & Technology Program, wasn't just as important as if he had.
Although majority of the audience in the River Rock Casino Theatre this year was filled with students from outstanding highschool art classes, the front row was also filled with the 'big - wigs' of the Vancouver Industry - Retail Managers for Lululemon, Mac &Jac and other designer stores.

The Graduates not only were portraying there works to future employment opportunities, but were also dazzling the likes of upcoming fashionista's. The inspiration put on by the students, was one of an amazing array - making those previously uninterested in the industry to have a desperate desire to sign up.
Although the show ran smoothly and displayed many works that wowed, the appearance that effort wasn't a big factor in the products was definitly a facade. They definitly achieved the impression of 'an easy career to achieve', but these students have definitly put in more than a little effort.

Many different collections were modeled in this particular show, including couture-like lingerie, equestrian apparell, motorcycling gear, and a range of intricate maternity wear.
Each collection included many different pieces such as tailored coats, bathing suits, suit pants, blouses, leggings, various dresses - aswell as a range of Flamenco dresses.
The different variations of pieces were all created from patterns designed by the students, then further sewed by aswell. The range of creativity within this particular group of students was very impressive.

After the show, guests were allowed to peruse the students 'Portfolio's'. This being student-made booklets, advertising to buyers and the public - the collections shown in the show.
As part of the degree, students learn the technology side of fashion, such as advertisements and the ability of having the eye for marketing to the mass public and fashion industry.
The portfolio's themselves were overly impressive - each one very different from the next, complete with fabric swatches, awards won, descriptions and sketches of the peices in the collections aswell as there own business cards.
Each student had also come up with a label to their collections, and had created specific logo's and visual art regarding their own creative individuality.

Students were also wandering through the crowds taking a peek at their portfolio's, so those that were interested were able to discuss the schooling aspect, aswell as the creative inspiration that they had foreseen. The school also had set up a booth, where future students could recieve information on the program, aswell as upcoming opportunities for sewing/design camps for this coming summer.

Overall, the outlay of the show aswell as the personable feel that was available to those who were interested was very well recieved by the audience. The information provided by the school was also very useful, let alone the show itself being an overall inspiration.
I'm very glad I got to attend this certain show, as i am a future hopeful graduate/ attendee of this program - as it gave an insiders view into the program which was very helpful.

Well done Graduates!

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