Monday, April 5, 2010

La-La-Love Boys in Lacoste

Favourite brand on a guy? Lacoste comes in first.
Not only do I only watch golf for the hot polo's - but on the course it's like a runway, where you get to see all the newest Lacoste duds!
This entry is dedicated to the fab of the male gender - those who can rock Lacoste like they're golf pros themselves (ya'll know who you are!)

Lacoste also carries menswear that ISN'T just dedicated to the European sports (Tennis, golf etc.) and THIS is my fantasy outfit for the fashion-conscious male:

1) Navy Blue/ Turquoise trim Classic Short-sleeved Polo
2) Navy Blue/ Turquoise trim V-Neck Cardigan
3) White 'Chino' Pants, double cuffed
4) 'Boat-Dock' slip-on shoes, white.

AND THIS is the final outcome:

Please reconsider your Ed Hardy for Lacoste. Please?

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