Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Love Crossing-Guard Orange

One of my favourite colours, which in the past hasn't had the best reputation as a complimentary colour in fashion, is FINALLY taking the stage this spring as one of the hottest colours for the fashion industry.

Blood-red tones have been spotted on the catwalks of Stella, while the sun's hottest colour has been paired with gentle grey tones at Peter Pilloto, aswell as peachy soft tones at Balenciaga.

Colours that can be paired with various shades of this colour, are gold, blue, black, brown, aswell as grey.
You can use this seasons colour as accents in a sophisticated 'office' look by pairing your classics with either gloves, or a scarf to give your look a pop of spring fever.
Or, be a bit more daring and combine a softer, peach orange with a vibrant red with black off-sets.

Whichever way you choose, it's no doubt that orange is the hottest colour of the season, so the next time you drive by one 'crossing-gaurd' - compliment them on their awesome choice of colour. THEY'RE the stylish ones in this picture!

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