Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Libraries: Closet Fashion Fiends


Yep, you heard me right - Libraries. Recently, I hit up one of these warehouse-esque worlds of literature. As I'm heading out on a trip to Europe in the near future, I thought 'what better a place to find travel books, then your local library?!'. So I headed over to the travel section and found shelves and shelves of travel books on all the places I am planning on embarking to: Paris, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Nice, Munich etc.

After spending about 30 minutes on the floor reading, looking over, and finally deciding on different books of all my different destinations - I realized I had a pile of about 7 different books in which I was planning on taking home with me.

Obviously, this wasn't enough for me, so my mind stretched from books on travel, to books on fashion, fashion idols, photography and those alike.
Although I would've LOVED to take out the book that the OTHER library had on Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, I didn't feel like driving another 15 minutes to another library.
So I came across another anticipated find; 'Christian Dior, The Biography' by Marie-France Pochna. The book also holds an introduction written by director of Dior House, John Galliano. I have yet to crack the cover of this book, as it has been in my possession for all of 2 hours.

'[An Exerpt from the Biography]...When Mr. Dior unveiled that infamous New Look on February 12th, 1947 the world stopped. Dior's name was headline news, and almost overnight women wanted femininity - his femininity, his fashion, his New Look. Dior brought dreams, drapes and romance back into the salons and onto the streets. After the war and rationing finally Dior helped ladies blossom and dream again. Fashion once more could fulfill their fantasies as well as serve a function.'

- 'Introduction: Christian Dior, The Biography' as written by John Galliano

'[Christian Dior, The Biography] Zooms in on the unveiling of the New Look...Ms. Pochna brings to her subject a reporter's doggedness and a mechanic's knack for assembling a whole from dozens of parts.'
- The New York Times Book Review

'This book was my bible, my insight, my key to all the questions I longed to as Mr.Dior himself.'
- John Galliano (from the introduction)

'Highly Recommended'
- Library Journal

'An elegantly written, sparkling portrait of a pioneering arbiter of style'
- Publisher's Weekly

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