Monday, March 22, 2010

I Dunno If You've Heard...

So, I dunno if you've heard but The Canadian Superstore isn't just your convenient superstore anymore...
It's also one of my favourite places to pick up cheap, stylish peices to add to my wardrobe! It's Canada's secret closet!

Joe Mimran, a very important contributor to the fashion industry for the past 25 years, has been the face behind brands such as Alfred Sung, Club Monaco, Caban and has also contributed to brands such as Pink Tartan and Tevrow + Chase collections.
As Creative Director to Joe Fresh brands, Mimran has offered Canadians an affordable, economy-wise brand that not only holds value, but has also been featured in Toronto's Fashion Week as well as other Runway shows (in other words, its STYLISH!)

Joe's new line for spring features many vibrant, spring-popping colours, paired with neutrals and dark peices, as an easy transitional from winter wardrobe to spring!
Be sure to check out the 'Boyfriend Tee's' as well as the 'Boyfriend Jeans' as this spring, you don't need to steal your boyfriends clothes to look stylish!

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