Saturday, March 27, 2010

Highschool - Has it always been so unstylish?

Highschool. You never realize how much you DON'T miss it, until your out. Word to the wise - don't go back and visit... especially if it's Claremont. What I'd like to know, is since when has it been stylish to a) not wash your hair and b) add unnatractive colours to it like pink?
I mean, I know highschools full of pubescent teenagers, but when I went ( ONE YEAR AGO) styles like these were NOT styles...
Also - Avril Lavigne may have been popular a couple years ago (I'll admit - I was a fan of the sk8er boi), but I wouldn't go as far as to say she's still someone people could call a role model.
Girls wearing ties, board shorts and skate shoes are not seen as being fashion moguls as they have in the past - so walking through the halls of past highschools, you can probably see where my confusion comes from; I wasn't aware it was the year 2001.

Come on people - I know highschool can be considered a 'hard time' but it's really not THAT hard to have fashion role models who's faces AREN'T pasted on binders, backpacks and pencil cases.


  1. I liked aspects of high school.

    I still visit.


    And, unwashed hair became cool when Robert Pattinson introduced it hahahaha

    Avril Lavigne should never come back.

  2. sorry .. not quite thinking the same.
    not only cause i like avril. at my school dying hair in pink was/is cool. okay its not everybodys thing obviousliy, but loads of girls love it . about the not washing your hair thing, yeah thats gross. still, i'll miss school i'm sure.