Saturday, March 27, 2010

Excersise - Lookin Good

Sports. Physical activities. If you were to go for a run, your brothers old t-shirt, and ratty shorts seem suitable enough right? Why is that? You wouldn't go to the mall wearing the same outfit. Granted - the excuse that excersise is excersise - not a fashion may arise. But for those of you that care so much about what you think every other moment of the day - why is it that sports attire must be so unflattering for you?
Don't worry - I know that lululemon isn't exactly the most economically practical choice, but don't worry...I have faith that doors will open up for those of us who don't use our parents wallets.

Exhibit A - I know I've talked about this in previous posts, but The Canadian Superstore's brand Joe Fresh is here to save us. Although Joe hasn't provided your favourite lululemon pieces in knock off attire, but don't worry - he's got a couple new ideas of his own!

Exhibit B - Key Lime Athletic Wear is a new(er) Canadian- made athletic company (in direct competition with well-known Lululemon), which is relatively cheaper than most leading athletic wear companies, for the same quality and favoured styles that you love!

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