Monday, February 8, 2010

The Shawl- Collar Recipe

The Shawl-Collar-Cardigan. Can (SHOULD) be only worn by guys who can PULL OFF the cardigan. I can't tell you how many times (one in particular) I've seen a guy with ALL the wrong fashion sense, trying to achieve the look of the cardigan; let alone the shawl-collar-cardigan.
Stick to the basics boys, go back to your 'And 1' sportswear, with your overly baggy jeans, and leave the cardigan wearing for the deservable.
Girls - don't worry, your safe - Cardigans always look good.

*IE: the man in the picture ^ CAN pull it off.


  1. Hmm, I wonder who that "One inparticular could be.." Very subtle.

  2. Hmmm yes, I wonder who that might be,likely someone with little or no taste!

  3. haha what? Graeme - if that's you, you know what I'm talking about...haha it's not my fault it don't look good on ya! ;) HAHA jk.