Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Name Game

Veda, Abigail, Eaven, Tavi & Rachelle ; A line of spring clothing, heavy on the florals (aswell as products of Sewing 12) will get you out of the winter blues, and into Victorian Springtime!
Made from scratch, the Eaven dress is super cute with metallic sandals, and a lightweight cardi for a cute, spring look!
Also made from hand is the Veda Suit - a simple bikini swimsuit with embellishments that make it beach-bum cute.
Remade from an out-of date dress, the Abigail Blouse can be worn with or without the belt for a cute splash of colour to a pair of jeans, or even leggings paired with boots.
The Tavi shirt ft. The Rachelle skirt, are both quick and easy updates to outdated, worn out items...ironing on some playful designs, and hemming and embellishing your clothes can make them into new wardrobe favourites!

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