Saturday, February 20, 2010

LIVE - The Olympic Excitement

This entry isn't exactly about fashion, or Olive Couture in general, but more of an outline of the Olympic Experience down here in the little town we like to call Vancouver (or Van-tastic-party-central-city?)
If given the chance in the next week or so, the best idea is to take that day off work and come down and live the experience that will only come once in our lifetime!
I've spent the past couple days down here in the exciting city itself, and here's a list of things to definitly experience
1) take a wander down to the old olympic flame...but don't waste your time in line for a view on a slightly elevated platform - the view from the ground is just as sweet,

2) Make your way up to Robson Square where you can wait in line to get into the Art Museum where the Leonardo Davinci exhibit is being held, as well as local BC artists, and it's all free!! ( Don't if your not an art nut like myself)

3) Take a wander down through Robson Street (more like a pushing/shoving fest) and observe as the like's of Spandy Andy preform for crowds alongside of local 'magician's', copper people statues and of COURSE batman himself.

4) Try and locate a Subway...Slightly fail though by walking 4 blocks in the wrong direction, but luckily stumble upon a forest of lanterns in the middle of the street.

5) Walk past the Bay Downtown location and gawk/laugh/make fun of the unnecessarily large lineup to GET IN the store (who in there right mind would LINE UP to get into that store?!...clearly not my cup of tea)

6) Be harassed on the streets by seemingly drunk/unnatractive teenagers who DO NOT believe you have been born and raised in Victoria BC (apparently we're a hard bunch to come by?)

7) Take pictures with objects unnassociated with the Olympics (marijuana flags?)

8) Walk on down to the old Alberta House, stand in-line for about 3 hours for the well worth it concert of the Dudes.

9) Be accused around 3 times of butting in line...get a little agitated, and then scream and shout at those that butt in front of you, and manage to weasel in in front of you.

10) Finally get into the venue to see the last 4 (best) songs of the concert.

11) Witness a celebration in the streets as Canada wins gold in the Skeleton race!

12) Drink.

13) Stagger to the overly packed skytrain station to make your way home, only to wait inline next to a lightweight who pukes all over the tracks beside you (my sympathies go out to those that share my experiences)

14) Get off the skytrain with a bursting bladder only to find your bus won't be coming for another 40 minutes...get to steppin.

15) Make it to Denny's. Relief.

16) Observe your bus drive past you, SPRINT, miss the bus only to see a police car stop in front of you.

17) Jam 4 people into the back of the police car, repeat 4 times over that you 'feel like a fugitive'

18) Thank the friendly officer's for the free lift home.

19) Crash.

20) Wake up to no hangover, and do it all over again!


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  1. hahahahaha oh golly geeesess man. super awesome day though :) despite the long line ups and killer back aches. you also forgot to mention; witness 25 year old man you met in line up turn creepy once beer enters the system hhah.