Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Karl Inspiration

Karl Lagerfeld. The inspiration behind Olive Couture, this brilliant fashion designer has been a part of my life from the beginning, when the label Chanel was the only one I knew of (thanks to a wallet a friend brought back for me from Thailand).
Everything from his mutual germanic roots to his infamous, timeless designs for the lovely Coco's franchise has been one of many mild obsessions of mine as an aspiring designer.
The story of Coco Chanel is that of an inspiring & driven one - in close context to Karl Lagerfelds' fight for the top.
Thus, giving me a make a change, as Karl and Coco have in the Fashion Industry. To create an outlet for the expression of oneself through what you wear, aswell as trying to save the world by raising the bar in dressing GREEN!

'Fashion Designers are dictators of taste' - Karl Lagerfeld.


  1. Olivia! It's Kyra here (Jenny's friend) I can't wait to see your clothes and i think it's great what your doing! Ill totaly buy them!

  2. Thanks Kyra!! I'm workin on gettin em together so they'll hopefully be on here soon!
    Also - I'm a BIG fan of all your artwork!! Creeped a couple times on facebook! Your amazing!